“I’m Not Even Supposed to be Here Today!”

Thank you Christopher Columbus since I have today off.  I don’t know why we celebrate this, but I am totally okay with having a 3 day weekend.  The weekend started out great!  On Friday, I picked up Mina and we had a lovely lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s.  Did you know they are really the only remaining restaurant with a salad bar?  Sadness.  I love salad bars.  After that, we came back to my house to watch some Project Runway re-runs to catch her up.  Later we went to the Ale Emporium and met up with Kelvin and had a few beers.  Matt is trying to make a conscious effort to hang out with more people, and since summer is ending and people will have more free time, it has been beneficial for him.  After the bar, we headed back home and watched one of my favorite movies, Clerks. Seriously, I lived Clerks.  I really did while at Von’s.  Kevin Smith did such a great job with that movie since it was very relatable.  I still can’t believe I was working in a place 10 years ago renting VHS.  You wouldn’t be able to find a VHS for rent anywhere.

On Saturday, we went to Tina and Mills’ awesome free pizza party!  A few months ago, Tina won a free pizza party through a Facebook app at Puccini’s.  I think it is funny how all of Tim’s friends have embraced us.  It has been awesome.  We had such a great time at the party.  Afterwards, we headed over to the Mills’ house for some football, bags, poker, and of course– drinking!  I mostly stayed inside since I am sick of getting bites, rashes, etc.  I mostly drank with Roque as he kept trying to steal my awesome hipster glasses.  He is a hoot.  Matt and I are trying to get a group together for a Vegas trip sometime this winter.  Matt asked if I would want to do Vegas for my 30th birthday, and that was a stupid question.  Like duh.  What else has been new?  Last week I pre-ordered the new iPhone 4S.  I have mixed feelings about it.  First of all, my iPhone 3 has been majorly sucking lately.  You try to call someone and it freezes or someone calls you and it mocks you by not answering.  Not cool.  I am pretty sure Steve Jobs made an “Order 66” type button in the Apple HQ when a new model comes out then all the earlier versions start malfunctioning and stop working.  Also, my wall charger no longer works.  It is truly bizarre.  This actually happened in Vegas, but I was lucky that the hotel had a iPhone alarm clock so I could charge it.  I am also a bit hesitant in embracing the new Siri technology since I have seen all the Terminator movies.  Just what I need Skynet letting Terminators coming and killing me when I ask it a question.  Suits me I suppose.

Last week I saw a free preview of Real Steel with Emily.  We didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it had Hugh Jackman, so I was ok with anything.  It was pretty heartwarming even though it had Rock’em Sock’em robots going bananas.  It was a nice thing to do on an otherwise boring Wednesday night.

Otherwise, things have been good.  The steroid weight is starting to finally go away.  Stupid prednisone.  I realized late last night that yesterday was my 5 year anniversary of my eye surgery.  I can’t believe its been 5 years since I got this draining bionic tube in my eye.  Thankfully, it still works and my glaucoma has been under control.  It’s the little things, people.

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