“What’s Your Number?” by Karyn Bosnak

The original title of this book is 20 Times a Lady which I had on my “To Read” shelf for over a year.  (Unfortunately, my library did not have the book so I was unable to read it).  I randomly picked up the new re-named book at the Las Vegas airport for my flight back home.  I laughed and laughed while reading this book and felt a connection to the main character, Delilah Darling.  Delilah is 29 and is suddenly laid off from her prestigious job in NYC.  Her youngest sister is about to be married while her mother is over-reacting to her oldest daughter’s still single status.  She reads an article that states women who are over 30 with over 10.5 partners usually do not get married.  As the crazy neurotic New Yorker that she is, Delilah freaks out and decides to find all the 20 men on her list to see if any of them could be the one that got away since she doesn’t want to sleep with more men.  She enlists the help of her Irish neighbor, Colin, who works as her private investigator, and she rents a car, buys a puppy, and travels cross-country to find each and every man she had slept with who were not married or dead.  Sure, the book has its moments of “wtf?” since some of the guys are so cartoony, but it made me realize that I probably slept with some of the same caliber men as she did.  Since I could relate to this quest, I enjoyed the book.  One thing I dislikes about the book was the obvious tones of “I need a man now to make my life complete or else I’ll be an old maid!”  So what!  If you don’t get married, it is not the end of the world.  Luckily, Delilah reaches this decision towards the end of the book, but it is nauseating to read this theme throughout.  My favorite character had to be Delilah’s grandfather who moves to Las Vegas to re-kindle an old flame.  Randomly, I enjoyed the part where Tagalog was spoken and the mentioning of Arlo Guthrie’s song “The City of New Orleans.”  Yes, this character was a lot like me, and yes, it scared me.

Jen’s Rating: ***

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