Hail Hail to Getting Old….

Wow, what a week I have had.  I’ve been doing pretty well with blogging lately, but I’ve kind of dropped the ball on things going on in my life.  I have so much stuff to cover that I kind of don’t know whether to go from past to present or vice versa.  I guess I’ll start with last week.

Nikki Visit

One thing about my job that I absolutely love is Half-Day Fridays if we are not in the busy season.  I have gotten so much stuff done.  Last Friday, I was getting everything ready for Natalie’s Baby Shower, and I got a phone call from my bestie, Nikki.  She was in town for sad reasons, but she had some time to hang out for a bit.  I was about to grab lunch with Mina, (and Nikki was conveniently right next to Mina’s apartment) so I picked her up from ‘Lil Greenie and we went off to Maggiano’s.  It was fun hanging out with both my best friends at the same time.  After a delicious lunch, we went to the Fashion Mall and eventually met up with Nikki’s sister-in-law, Shelly, who is just a doll face.  (She is a hair stylist and always has amazing hair too, which is funny to mention, but I am envious, what can I say?)  It was a fun time, and I am glad I got the opportunity to see Nikki while she was in town for the week.  I know her time in Indianapolis is always stretched a zillion ways, so it makes me happy any time I can see her.  I miss her so much!

Natalie’s Baby Shower

On Saturday, I threw my first ever shower, and I delved into a Baby Shower.  Natalie and I were good friends in high school, and she visited me once while at Purdue.  When she told me in January that she was pregnant, I knew I had to do something fun for her.  Unfortunately, she lives in Detroit, so I felt a little bad that she had to drive down here.  Luckily, she has family down here still.  Also, I knew her parents moved to Florida, so she might not get a shower of close friends and family.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to have everyone over for her.  We had eight ladies come in from all over (Jaime trekked in from St. Louis while Sarah and Laura ventured from Chicago!)  I did have a funny incident happen right before the guests arrived.  I am a total idiot sometimes.  My aunt has an amazing Pineapple Punch/sherbet recipe (which we had at my luau reception), and I wanted to make it.  It is a really easy recipe.  You put a 2 Liter of 7UP in the freezer so it gets slushy overnight.  You mix that with pineapple juice and pineapple sherbet.  EASY!  So my Aunt told me to use a serrated knife to cut the 2 Liter since it would be mostly frozen.  Like an idiot, I get the knife and start to cut open the bottle and start hearing fizzing sounds.  “Hmm, weird.”  Then I heard BOOM.  The bottle exploded and there was fizzy shit everywhere.  The ceiling, floor, counters, fucking everywhere.  It was straight out of a cartoon.  Some of it fell from the ceiling on Whiskey’s head.  He then tried to lick the top of his head.  Pretty entertaining.  Like a total blonde, I didn’t realize I had to open the fucking 2 Liter.  Moron.  Oh well!  Emily came in shortly after the carnage and helped me mop.  I love her.

Eventually, all the girls got to the house, and we enjoyed yummy food, a delicious baby cake (with a sugar baby on top!), and being together.  I made my first ever diaper cake (thanks YouTube!) and it turned out wonderfully. I had knit Natalie a baby blanket too, which was part of my gift to her.  She doesn’t know the sex of the baby, so I made it in a neutral white color with yellow and green strands within the yarn.  None of the girls (sans Emily) knew I could knit, so they were shocked with all of my Martha Stewart goodness.  I found it funny since I have known these girls most of my entire life, and they had no idea I was crafty.  I just had to pull out Xena quotes all day, “I have many skills.”  For real.  Personally, I think Natalie is having a girl!  I guess I’ll have to wait and see a few more weeks!

Girls Night

Every few weeks, I try to get together with my favorite girls, Rowsey and Albin for some drinking and food!  They both work downtown, and they have been awesome twice now meeting me close to my work.  This time, I decided it was time for me to go downtown and meet them!  We had planned to go to Agio’s for a delicious Italian dinner.  I had heard many positive reviews of the place, and I had a $25 coupon.  Rowsey also had a $25 gift certificate as well since she had received bad service the last time she was there.  I showed up early to the restaurant, but noticed that everything was pad-locked with a gate and everything.  I had just checked their website, and there was no mentioning of the place being under construction or anything.  Rowsey called the number but the restaurant was now CLOSED and OUT OF BUSINESS.  Bummer.  We girls then went to O.P.T.’s, which used to be a favorite place for me when I worked downtown at the Star.  It was good seeing the gals.  It did start to heavily downpour, which was bad for Albin’s Louis Vuitton bag, but good ole Louis made it through!  We saw a lovely rainbow.  I’ll be seeing Britney Spears with Albin in two weeks.  She may be out-of-town for work, so I don’t know what will happen then.  I’m keeping my hopes up anyway!

The State Fair

Every year, my mom and I go to the fair for one evening and eat all the goodies.  She had started a new position with work last summer, so we didn’t have the chance to go.  Instead, I went with Mina, and we discovered Deep Fried Butter.  This year, I got lucky since my mom actually had a few days off, Mina was in town, and I had a half-day!  The three of us went to see The Year of the Soybean.  When we go to the fair, we never really eat anything that terrible.  (Usually.)  We go to the same booths every year for Fried Green Tomatoes, Buttered Corn from the Kiwanis booth, and maybe an elephant ear.  This year we got a Deep-Fried Candy combo with 1 Snickers, 2 Oreos, and 1 Reese’s Cup.  I didn’t know what it would taste like, but damn, it was delicious!  My mom had a good time, but she embarrassed me yet again by wearing a goofy ass hat in public.  She just doesn’t care, and I guess she is where I get it from.

Charlie Campus Visit to Purdue

Yesterday, I had another half day, so I took Charlie up to visit Purdue for the first time.  I actually found this interesting picture in my Flickr feed today, which I had forgotten about.  I remember the day well.  It was my first few weeks at Purdue, and my parents came to visit and take me out to dinner.  They had pulled up in a brand new car after selling my Geo Metro (the new car was the one I am now driving).  Charlie was wearing his favorite Pokemon shoes, a Purdue shirt, and two hats.  (I blame my mother for the hats yet again.) This picture takes me on a time warp since I was 18 and living on my own for the first time.  He was 6 years old just being a small kid.  What the heck am I wearing?  I love how high my jeans are.  So yeah, here we are in late August 2000 in front of Vawter Hall.  I am really happy that I have documented my life so well.  I can’t stop laughing at how ridiculous we look.  Ha!  Personally, I don’t know if Charlie is a good fit for Purdue anyway, but I wanted to start there instead of IU.  He doesn’t know yet with the direction of what he wants to study, so that makes it a little hard too.

Anyway, I took Charlie up for his first campus visit.  He had his own ideas on what college would look like, so I thought it would be a good idea to take him before all the students move-in, and it is hectic.  I am very proud of Charlie since he has been very active this summer.  He joined the Cross Country team and runs 6 miles every morning with his new teammates.  He has gone to camp with the boys too, so he has met lots of new people.  He is a very reserved and shy boy, so I am glad he has started to grow up a bit.  I won’t lie and say I’m not jealous of his body either.  He lost his baby fat and is in prime condition.  I told him to enjoy eating fast food now since it won’t last forever.

We parked on Sheetz Street so I could see ye ole Apt #18, (which now houses lots of dirty hippies and showcases the same sign).  I took him all around campus like the Student Union, the fountain, the Memorial Mall while going into some of the Engineering buildings and so forth.  We looped around the benzene ring by the Pharmacy building (so many memories of meeting people over there!) and went by Waldron street to see some dorms, fraternities, and apartments.  It was funny since Waldron Street has a lot of trees and is kind of dark.  Charlie was like, “Do we need a knife?  Will we get jumped?”  HA!  Apparently, Charlie thought there would be riots in the street with kids drinking on steps and girls getting kidnapped left and right.  I just told him the truth that campus is generally very safe but to keep your eyes open, and don’t piss off the wrong people.  Solid advice I suppose.

We ended the tour by visiting Chauncey Village.  I wanted to show him how expensive textbooks were (and yay most of the books were Pearson!  Holla!) and buy a few shirts too.  I got Charlie a cheap football shirt, Matt a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a new shirt with the good ole’ Boilermarker on the front for me.  I wanted to walk into Von’s, but I saw Jon Von in the window, and no matter how many years has passed, that man still scares me.  I realize he is a nice man, but he has always intimidated me.  Von’s Comics is now called Von’s Dough Shack, which I found interesting.  I can’t believe that place now serves food.  I hope they cleaned the bathroom at least.  God, the memories of the dark corners and smelly boy bathroom. Yuck.

We ended the trip by getting my favorite Honeydew Bubble Tea from FuLam.  Oh Purdue, I miss you so much!  I was disappointed that Charlie didn’t want to eat on campus, but he was tired from his morning run and just wanted to go home and relax.

So that’s a pretty good update!  I’ve got an amazing dinner planned with Matt this weekend at The Oceanaire.   Next weekend we are having the Fogo de Chao Eat-Off contest with Matt vs. Mina.  It is going to be awesome!  Life is truly awesome right now!  I am happy it cooled down too.

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