In case you were living under a rock this week, I’m sure you were affected by SNOWPOCALYPSE aka ICE ICE BABY or HELL IS FREEZING OVER.  Indiana was heavily affected since we were not only getting snow but freezing rain and sleet.  (Oh joy!)  On Monday, everyone at work was talking about the impending doom coming right at us from both the north and the south.  Afterwards, I went straight to the grocery store before the panic set in and purchased much-needed supplies.  Here is a highlight of the 2 days of the SNOWPOCALYPSE in the eyes of me.


– Seeing your company’s name on the “CLOSED” list scroller on television.  It was like being in high school all over again.  SNOW DAY x 2!

– Having a GARAGE!  Best invention ever.

– Watching a lot of awesome DVDs.  I have a huge stack, which I hardly watch anymore.  I re-acquainted myself with Memoirs of a Geisha, Something New, and then delved into the Joan Rivers Documentary (sad and frightening) and a show for Whiskey (Dogs Decoded).

– Knitting!  I finished the Baby Cocoon and am now working on a spiral hat to match my drop-stitch scarf.

– Watching Whiskey run in the backyard and end up doing triple axles since he became the first Jack Russell Terrier Figure Skater.


– When it gets cold, all I want to eat is ice cream.  I am insane and ran out of Chunky Monkey.  DOOM!

– The epic fight of fights between my husband and me.  Add in a little PMS, and BOOM FIGHT.  Let’s see?  I was angry that he planned to go to work in the BLIZZARD.  He has an hour commute up to Bumfuck, IN.  Since he wouldn’t listen to me, I decided to throw all of his freshly brewed coffee in the sink so he would be drowsy and crash.  Then to make matters even better, I got his bag filled with coffee beans and put dish soap in it so it was not able to be used.  “DON’T CALL ME AT ALL!  YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ALONE AND COLD IN YOUR CAR!” I am awesome when I am about to start my period.

– And yes, he didn’t call.  Of course the Filipino in me starts to worry and then imagine that I made him crash since I put the words into the atmosphere!  So I do what comes natural – I prank call him!  He answers and I hang up.  He calls back and I pretend to be asleep.  It totally works.  Not really.  It took him 2.5 hours to get home; white knuckled and sliding on black ice.  He should have listened to me!

– Falling on my face while out trying to get the mail.  Did you know that mail does not come during Snowpocalypse?  BOO!

– Having to cancel my Remicade appointment since it is freezing rain.  I am so smart.  Let’s make an appointment at 7 am when it is 30 minutes away and still pitch black outside.  Blindness + Crazy Black Ice = DEATH!  It’s the new Math.  Learn it.

Otherwise, it was interesting to say the least.  I am really happy we didn’t lose power or else I would have been like the blind old lady who died alone in her basement since she couldn’t find her way out.  Whiskey would have eaten my face for food.  That would have been a terrible way to go.  I have no idea how to de-thaw our driveway either.  Our neighbor was using a sledgehammer AND a baseball bat.  Poor kid.  I’ll just wait I suppose.  This picture is my backyard.  There used to be a pond over in the distance.  I couldn’t get a good shot of the icicles, but they are everywhere!


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