To Breed Or Not To Breed? That is The Question.

What a week!  Where to begin?  Last week, we were anticipating the arrival of our new sectional for the basement.  We paid extra for Haul Away of the ugly furniture that was left for us.  Here is where the story gets totally FUBAR-ed and so my life.  When the delivery men came to bring the furniture, they automatically went to the basement to bring the old stuff out.  Well, the furniture in the basement was TOO BIG to fit through the staircase.  WHAT? How can furniture that is already downstairs not FIT and go up?  Apparently, the previous owners couldn’t get the pieces out, and that is why they left it there.  The furniture we bought was the same size as what was downstairs, so alas, they wouldn’t fit.  WONDERFUL.  Last weekend, we had to go back to the furniture store and buy something else.  We picked a different sectional that is bigger, has a chaise (for me!) and a recliner.  The big downside is that it is micro-fiber.  I fucking hate microfiber, but this couch was THE ONLY ONE that would fit.  I looked into customizing it, but it was too much $$ and too long time-wise.  Hopefully, I will like it once we have it.  It’s better than the floor.  I shouldn’t complain about it since it is nice furniture, but DAMN yo.  So tomorrow we get the new sectional.  Gualdoni already destroyed the furniture with a hammer.  Nice.  Nothing like coming home to shamble furniture.

Last Friday, Emily and I had a wonderous girls night.  We went and bought An Affair To Remember, which is one of my favorite classic movies.  She had never seen it.  I remember watching that in high school and vowing to drink pink champagne and be fancy.  So that is exactly what we did.  I bought some pink champagne and we got drunkity drunk drunk.  In perfect harmony, I then became extremely hungry and got the munchies.  I decided to call Charlie and beg him to go buy me Taco Bell.  Yes, I really did scream this into the phone,

CHARLIE, I AM DISABLED!  YO QUIERO TACO BELL!”  Of course he hung up.  I would not stop.  I NEEDED TACO BELL.  I then called Mama Redempta.  She was in no mood to deal with my drunk ass, but I yelled, “I WILL DRIVE DRUNK AND BLIND TO TACO BELL AND DIE!”  For some reason, that worked.  She asked what Emily wanted.  Hilarious.  I am shameful.  She pulled up and had the tacos hanging out the window and wouldn’t talk to me.  Haha.  Love you, Mom.

Yesterday I had my annual Remicade treatment.  I took the entire day off since I have a few to burn.  It was bad scheduling since our District Manager came into town and took us out to a fancy dinner, which I had to miss.  I don’t drive at night especially somewhere I’m not familiar with.  It is a sucky truth, but the eye in winter sleeps.  I actually almost hit a duck the other night that was sitting in the middle of my street.  If I can’t see a white duck on my own street, I’m not navigating Broad Ripple.

I also had a doctor appointment during the infusion.  I usually just go in and get my treatment.  I am usually in and out in around 2.5 hours or so.  The appointment was interesting since we talked about having kids.  When I was first diagnosed, I was told I couldn’t have kids while on the medicine since it was an X rated drug, which means Baby = Dead or Deformed.  Apparently, the reason behind that was because there wasn’t enough evidence/testing on pregnant women.  Now the drug is Rated B, which means that I could have a baby.  Gualdoni and I have talked about it, and now that it is a possibility and not just an easy answer of, “This broad can’t have a kid unless I want it to come out like a cabbage,” I am actually a bit scared.

So I did what you’d think.  I called Nikki, my bestie through and through up there in Alaska.  It was perfect timing since she was shopping for lamb meat for an Irish stew.  She cracks me up.  She and her husband are in the race to have a baby.  They’ve been trying.  It is crazy to me.  10 years ago when she was mute in Chemistry class, I never thought I would call her for re-producing advice while she shopped in Alaska.  The future trip to Alaska is tentatively scheduled for summer 2011.  Oh the things I do for love.  Haha.  Next year will be spectacular travel wise.  I’ll be in Arizona in a month for NSM, Alaska in June, Summer NSM at undisclosed location, and then Hawaii in the fall.  I’d say I’m a pretty lucky girl, wouldn’t you?  I have to make time to visit Suzy out in So Cal soon too.  Once I’m suitable for beach weather that is.  Ha.

I so love my job.  Today was amazing.  I was a bit bummed to miss out on yesterday’s festivities, but I was welcomed back with our Holiday Luncheon!  Good catered food, great co-workers and friends, and a Free Door Prize of a $15 Target gift card!  They had a photo booth, which was great.  We had so much fun.

In other news, I have mostly been doing lots of knitting.  I am getting pretty good if I say so myself.  I finished an AMAZING hat yesterday, which I got a lot of compliments on.  It was my first experiment with cable knitting, and I’d say it is pretty kick ass.  See for yourself.  I think I’ll make Mina one since she is always my hat muse.  Only two more weeks until she is back!  I have only two hats left to knit for Christmas gifts.  After that, I think I might have to go crazy on knitting for myself.  We’ve got a pregnant friend, so once I hear what they are having, I’ll be on blanket mode.  I love making blankets, but they sure do take a long time.  I am a lot faster now, so hopefully it won’t take as long.  It took me 6 months to knit Gualdoni’s (but I was in college) and only 4 months for Nikki’s blanket.  Maybe I can crank one out in 2 months?

2 thoughts on “To Breed Or Not To Breed? That is The Question.

  1. I love the fact that you called your mom to get you Taco Bell! And I love your mom for getting it for you!

    Oh and I am so glad you didn’t kill my duck! I would miss him.

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