Gay Bullying : The New PSA?

Yes, I have been really busy lately, but I feel like I have a pretty good grip on what is going on in the world.  For some reason, I have completely ignored the news this week and most magazines.  I turned on the TV and was bombarded with GAY BULLYING- BULLYING IS BADWE NEED TO STOP BULLYING.  Ok, what the hell?  Every other post on Perez Hilton is about celebrities talking about gay bullying.  Really?  Is this the new Public Service Announcement?  Since when is bullying an epidemic where everyone gets their panties in a wad?

I then got my People magazine which had the story of the gay kid from Rutgers that killed himself after gay bullying.  Sure, this is a sad as hell story but really?  Front cover of People?  Is this really that big a deal?  Why did the kid kill himself when he could have probably gotten the people who live streamed him EXPELLED?  Why is one kid’s struggle with life top news for everyone?  I’m sorry, but I’m sure lots of people have been live-streamed on the internet as a prank, and they have survived the stress and ridicule.  I’m sure I’m having sex on the internet right now.  Is it really that slow a news week?

Then Gualdoni and I went out to dinner tonight.  I hardly listen to the radio, but I was changing CDs and I hear Ryan Seacrest’s radio show talking about how they are having a special on bullying tomorrow on air.  Ok, give me a break.  I’ve been bombarded with this topic on 3 types of media in 24 hours.

Sure, bullying and teasing suck but it is a natural aspect of life.  It is ridiculous to say that one type of group has been bullied more than others.  EVERYBODY HAS BEEN BULLIED.  I was bullied for wearing an Eskimo hat in elementary school, for being bi-racial, for having an Asian mother, for being an intelligent girl, for being a female athlete, for watching Xena: Warrior Princess, hell even for being a girl who reads comics.  Has this completely shaped my life and my opinions of people?  Did it hurt my feelings?  Was I vulnerable?   Did other people give a damn?

Bullying/Teasing is a natural progression to weed out abnormal behavior.  I’m not a psychologist, but it doesn’t take much to figure out.  Are gay people more susceptible for being abnormal?  I’m all for gays don’t get me wrong.  I don’t care that gays are having sex with their own gender.  However, science-speak, gays aren’t propagating the species since they aren’t reproducing.  Why is it now news that gays are being bullied and the microscope is intensifying on their plight?  Not being gay myself, I really wonder why this issue should matter so much since WE ALL GET BULLIED NOT JUST GAY PEOPLE.  This is not going to change.  Not only is bullying a natural behavior, but it teaches a person HOW TO COPE with negativity and hopefully make them want to be WHO they are and accept themselves.

I really think the reason this is such a big issue is one big word:  DISCONNECT.  I really think people nowadays are disconnected from how things work.  Do people not talk to their parents anymore?  Do kids not talk to their friends to get them through when something bad happens?  Are they too busy watching crappy reality television or looking at meaningless crap on the internet?  In my old age of 28, I really do start to wonder how people are raising their kids and what they expose them to.  Do people just not interact with their kids to teach them the ways of life?  Every day I thank God that I have the parents I have.  I wasn’t fed a fairy tale existence.  My dad had a banner in our house that read “HARD WORK PAYS OFF.”  I really should make this as a business and require each family have one.

I swear, people are just getting pussier by the day.  Life is not a walk in a park with rainbows and butterflies.  You have to work hard to get results.  People are no longer inherently good.  We are all wanting to be happy, and we are competitive to find this medium.  There isn’t an unlimited amount of happiness, love, and WORK in the world.  Am I completely jaded or am I the only person left who just doesn’t understand why people bitch so much about meaningless issues?

It is so aggravating.  Grow some balls, people.  Get a back bone.  Show those people who bullied/teased you that you are worth something.

Needless to say, I will not be watching the news anytime soon nor will I listen to Ryan Seacrest tomorrow.  Can we just go back to regular news programming please?  Can’t someone else cheat on his wife to become the new juicy story?  Lord.

2 thoughts on “Gay Bullying : The New PSA?

    • Meanwhile, it seems that the media gods have listened to me this week since every celebrity couple is now getting divorced. I should wish to win the lottery soon just in case in comes true!

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